Let’s build your business together.

You love people, but not technology.

Most coaches, trainers and speakers hate the technical structure of their business, their marketing and their sales. This program offers you what you need to develop your business professionally and successfully.

The pain in the coaching business

If you are a coach and you come across this page, chances are that:

  • you are the slave of your business
  • you work for hours without getting the desired results
  • others (your colleagues) take steps and you remain stuck – or never really started – and then ask yourself what you should do
  • you have a hard time finding new clients
  • you lack the luxury and freedom to live abundantly or you have no choice as to which customers you really want to work with
  • your prices are much lower than those of your fellow coaches because this is the only thing you are familiar with
  • your business suffers to attract leads
  • you belong to the group of 83%: coaches with a lot of hope and ideas, but without clients
  • your coaching practice will not survive the following year, due to most on this list above

We can help you

Don’t be discouraged. There is a reason why you chose this course. Besides, you cannot be equally good at everything.

Together we can ensure that:

  • you live a lifestyle that has meaning
  • your customers will find you anyway
  • you can share your mission and message with the rest of the world
  • you don’t have to worry about finding customers
  • together we build an automated system that takes care of your clients and your income
  • everything above this ensures that you can live with passion and that you can travel

1. We give you extra knowledge

You will receive no less than 150 video teachings in the various sections required to make you a successful coach.

We distinguish teachings about Inge’s:

  • Mindset Method
  • Entrepreneurs Method
  • Marketing and Social Media Method
  • Sales Method

Everything you need in terms of knowledge and insights can be found here.

If you still want to start as a coach or trainer and you have not yet received any training in this regard, then it is best to start with the L1 – Certification Program.

2. We offer you mass support

Everyone who builds their own business – in whatever industry – will get stuck sooner or later.

Planning and perseverance is needed to succeed. Please do not think that it will all happen automatically.

But we know from experience that mass support maximizes your chance of success.

Every week our teachers give you support regarding:

  • Mindset and personal growth
  • Leadership
  • Business structure
  • Business strategy
  • Facebook marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Systems and campaigns
  • Sales

These different topics are covered during 3 different support webinars per week.

Of course you don’t have to be present on every webinar, but we are there when you need us. We help you on the spot.

3. We build your business architecture together with you

In the last 11 years, Inge has built up her business in a way that few coaches match.

Only 1% of all coaches worldwide convert more than $100,000 per year.

We are not going to tell you that you have to convert this, but it does show what is possible and we have the method in-house.

Two webinars and two days change your own business perception forever.

We build your business architecture during two intensive webinars and two intensive brainstorming days.

Inge’s experience in this profession is priceless.

The next live business architecture days will take place on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 September 2019 in Hasselt, and will be in Dutch.

4. We build the systems for you

Once your business model is up and prices are set, it’s time to build the business engine.

Does your stomach turn when you hear the word “technique”? We fully understand. You much prefer to be busy with people, aren’t you?

That is why we build the technical engine of your company FOR you.

We take care of tons of worries for you.

This is what our technical team will build for you:

  • We build your website (5 pages, if you wish)
  • We build your webshop
  • We build your landing pages
  • We build your student platform
  • We manage your CRM system (the system that manages your customers)
  • We build your billing system (if you need it)
  • We link your payment platform to your website so that customers can pay with credit cards
  • We program your Facebook advertisements
  • We build your campaigns to lead customers, so you only have to deliver the content of your blogs / vlogs

5. What are you going to do?

This will of course remain your own business. They remain your customers, your specialty and your business is the extension of your personality.

Once you know what kind of business you want to build, you can get started with the content. This content is entered into the systems by us.

That is why you deal with the following aspects of your business:

  • You are going to define the content for your website.
  • You are going to provide the necessary visual material for your website. We ensure that it looks great depending on the theme you have chosen.
  • You are going to deliver the content for your webshop: service or product + the prices.
  • You will determine the content of your workshops, training, lessons, etc. We will teach you how to build this.
  • You are going to deliver the content for marketing. You start from the examples we give you.
  • You are going to write the content for your ads. You also start from the examples we give you.
  • You are going to write the emails that your customers will receive throughout the campaigns. You start from the examples we give you.

As you can see, we take 80% of all worries out of your hands, but the content comes from you.

Everything at a glance:

When you start in this program, a roadmap is ready for you to guide you through the various steps.

Step 1: You get access to the student platform. Here you will find all video lessons, all important practical information and you will find access to the webinars.

Step 2: You follow the two vision building webinars on your student platform in preparation.

Step 3: You participate in the live business architecture days of 17 and 18 September in Hasselt.

Step 4: You get access to a new business building step by step system where you deliver your own content. This content is processed by your technical team in your business engine.

Step 5: Testing, adjustment and action! Once all content has been delivered and before the business is launched, all systems will be tested and adjusted where necessary.

When and where do you start?

Basically you can start immediately. There is no specific entry date. You start when you are ready.

Through an intake interview with a program coordinator, we ensure that we can get you started in the best possible way. You also choose when you want to follow the live training days. The only condition is that you have followed the live webinars before you come to the live business building days.

If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] After all, we want you to feel comfortable with this decision.

“Let’s build your Business” has proved to be (and still is) an essential link in raising my coaching business. A world has opened for me that I had no idea about! The structure, the tools, the support: recipe for success! Thanks for the continued support of Zoran and Inge, I have the feeling that I can put myself on the map and do what I love to do: inspire people to their highest good, from the burnout to a new story! – Petra Alders from Hasselt, Belgium.

I was completely stuck at my company for a few years now, I couldn’t get in any progress. Until I bought “Let’s build your Business” from Inge and Zoran. The 2 business architecture days were priceless. She immediately saw the problem that I encountered and gave me fantastic advice. I went home tired but completely flabbergasted. What an insight and knowledgeable this team has. My company is now solid as a house and completely fitting with me. A whole new concept and I am so happy with it. I really could never have imagined this. – Carla Boone from Nieuw Vossemeer, the Netherlands.

The price of the Let’s build your business program is € 15609.00 incl. 21% VAT (€ 12900.00 excl. VAT)

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The next following live training sessions will take place on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 September in Hasselt, and will be in Dutch.

Let us build your business together.

Contact our support team. That way we can look together at what the best solutions are for you in terms of timing and payment options. Asking is free and obtaining is the art.