Become life coach. Coach and develop yourself and others.

Everything you need to develop yourself and others, in one certification program.
You can only give what you have. Both to yourself and to others.

About this program

In this intense and very complete training Inge Rock will share her insights, techniques, methods and training with you. The goal is for you to become able to help yourself and others. The certificate will make it possible to pass the knowledge and techniques on so you can help other people with it, like your colleagues, your clients, your kids, your team, etc.

In this certificate program you will learn:

  • Mindset and thinking methods
  • All necessary coaching principles
  • The Inge Rock Coaching method
  • Building your own practice and/or coaching others

This is a combination of online training modules, teaching webinars and live online training practice and days.

Who is this certification program for?

  • Everyone who wants to develop themselves and improve results by means of mindset and coaching methods and techniques
  • Parents, teachers and educators who want to develop the potential of children and young people
  • HR employees and socially engaged professionals who wish to understand and help their colleagues and clients
  • All executives who want to develop their organization and their teams
  • Coaches and aspiring coaches who want to become an expert in their trade and who wish to expand an (existing) business
  • Entrepreneurs and sales persons who want to develop a positive influence

1. The Inge Rock Mindset Method

Everything depends on mindset. A positive, resilient and constructive mindset is what every person needs.

Do you want to feel more confident in life, do you want to improve the quality of your life, including the lives of the people around you? Then everything starts with mindset.

The Inge Rock Mindset Method is simple, to the point, applicable and specific so that everyone can learn it. Inge manages to translate complex thought and brain processes to very understandable and applicable methods. No alternative nonsense but hands on handlebars and tools.

Thanks to the Inge Rock Mindset Method you will be equipped to develop your own thinking and attitude. You will also be equipped to inspire, help, and guide others towards a better quality of life. You learn and understand the thinking and functioning of the brain. The impact you have with this, on your own thinking and on the thinking of your children, your partner, your team and your employees is truly life-changing.

2. The Inge Rock Coaching Method

Coaching is a word which is usually misinterpreted because of old convictions and previous experience.

Parents, partners, teachers, colleagues, entrepreneurs and executives are coaches. In other words: everyone who has an impact on other people is a coach. It’s all about the positive influence, the impact, the connection and the development of the full potential of people. The old directive methods have become obsolete.

If you want to grow as a person, together with other people, then it’s imperative to invest in coaching.

Inge Rock brought together contemporary knowledge and insights and practically applicable methods into a new whole. Inge has brought her experience as a coach and leader together in this extremely concrete and applicable method. This is not a classic coaching training. With this method you learn step by step to coach yourself and others. The Inge Rock Coaching Method does not exist anywhere else in the world, is extremely concrete, goal-oriented and result-oriented. Inge developed her own tools for this. The students learn to work with this step by step in practice.

Program content

How does this work in practice?

We will guide you using different systems.

  1. The online training is available 24/7. Thanks to the teachings on the student platform it is possible to purposefully go through the training, depending on the segment you care about the most. All teaching content stays available all the time and you watch everything over and over whenever you want.
  2. The online live class. After you have followed the mindset and coaching principle lessons online, you enter a practical class of maximum 6 students. During 6 months you and your class will develop and practice the Inge Rock Coaching Method step by step.
  3. The teaching webinars. We support you through two live teaching webinars per month.
  4. The coaching retreat. We expect you to be on the online three-day coaching retreat. These online live days are a highlight in your education, with new teachings, masses of practice and tons of energy. You are always welcome at the coaching retreat.
  5. The coaching practice days. You only learn coaching by doing. That is why you participate in the online, live coaching practice days four times a year.
  6. The Club nights. Twice a year all students come together during a Club night, where we learn, experience and build a party in a casual atmosphere.

Everything you need in one program

The Inge Rock certificate program offer everything you need to succeed.

Do you want to improve your own mindset and that of your kids, your colleagues, your team members? You got it!

Do you want to learn to coach yourself so that you never get stuck in life again? You got it!

Do you want to learn how to coach others? You got it!

Do you want to start or expand your business? You got it!

Do you want continued growth this year and achieve your goals? You got it!

When and how to start?

You can start right away. There is no specific starting date. You begin whenever you feel ready.

By means of an intake talk with a coordinator of the program, we will make sure that you can start in the best possible way.

If you have any questions concerning the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]. We want to make sure that you feel good about your decision.

Make an appointment without obligation

Let us see together what the Certification Program can do for you.

“Five years ago I was unable to develop my coaching practice. Fortunately, I got to know the Inge Rock Academy in April 2019. After an intake interview, I registered and I do not regret it for a minute. Inge knows better than anyone how to convey information in understandable language. She does this through videos, webinars and live training sessions. She has all the know how to make me a real mind expert. As a result, we are gradually expanding my coaching practice in full confidence. I feel better about myself, know how to inspire my environment, which has boosted my turnover as an independent entrepreneur. Inge I am very grateful to you! ”

– Patrick Hanegraef, ondernemer-coach

“Inge, thank you for your incredible leadership. It is my pleasure and privilege to participate in this program. You show us all how to handle difficult situations and maintain integrity, all the while putting others first and creating change for us all.”

– S.K. Reynolds, North Carolina, USA, Psychologist and coach.

Take your first steps as a coach today.

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