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Inge Rock Certification Program

Mindset – Coaching – Leaderschap

Everything you need to develop yourself, others and your business, all in one certification program

We are specialized in equipping professional, so they can let themselves, their people and their organisation grow.

What is this program?

In this intense and very complete training Inge Rock will share her insights, techniques, methods and training with you. The goal is for you to become able to help yourself and others. The certificate will make it possible to pass the knowledge and techniques on so you can help other people with it, like your colleagues, your clients, your kids, your team, etc.

In this certificate program you will learn:

  • Mindset, thinking methods and attitude
  • Coaching and leadership

This is a combination of online training modules, live support webinars and live training days. You will receive your certificate after taking an online exam.

This certificate program is intended for who?

  • Everyone who wants to develop themselves and improve results by means of mindset, coaching and leadership
  • Parents, teachers and educators who want to develop the potential of young people
  • HR employees and socially engaged professionals who wish to understand and help their colleagues and clients in a more effective way
  • All executives who want to develop their organization and their teams
  • Coaches and aspiring coaches who want to become an expert in their trade and who wish to expand an (existing) business
  • Entrepreneurs and sales persons who want to develop a positive influence

1. The Inge Rock Mindset Method

Everything depends on mindset. A positive, resilient and constructive mindset is what every person needs.

Do you want to feel more confident in life, do you want to improve the quality of your life, including the lives of the people around you? Then everything starts with mindset.

The Inge Rock Mindset Method is simple, to the point, applicable and specific so that everyone can learn it. Inge manages to translate complex thought and brain processes to very understandable and applicable methods. No alternative nonsense but hands on handlebars and tools.

Thanks to the Inge Rock Mindset Method you get the tools to develop your own thinking and attitude. But it will also enable you to inspire and help others and to guide them towards a better quality of life. You learn how to think and start to understand how the brain functions. The impact of this on your own thinking and on that of your kids, your partner, your team and colleagues is really life-changing.

2. The Inge Rock Coaching & Leadership Method

Coaching and leadership are words which are usually misinterpreted because of old convictions and previous experience. It’s possible to separate terms like coaching and leadership and even consider them in a whole new way.

Parents, partners, teachers, colleagues, entrepreneurs and executives are coaches and leaders. In other words: everyone who has an impact on other people is a coach and a leader. It’s all about the positive influence, the impact, the connection and the development of the full potential of people. The old directive methods have become obsolete.

If you want to grow as a person, together with other people, then it’s imperative to invest in coaching and leadership.

Inge Rock combines contemporary knowledge and insights with practical and applicable methods and creates something completely new. Her experience as a coach and leader has been merged by Inge into this very specific and applicable method.

This is not a traditional coaching training. Of course, this method will learn you how to coach, but you will also learn how to guide teams, how to connect people so they can achieve better results and how to be a contemporary transforming leader.

Program content

How does it work?

We will guide you using different systems.

  1. The online training is available 24/7. Thanks to the teachings on the student platform it is possible to purposefully go through the training, depending on the segment you care about the most. All teaching content stays available all the time and you watch everything over and over whenever you want. The big advantage is that there is a continuous transfer of knowledge by means of exercises, so it becomes possible for you to do things on your own pace, wherever you are in the world and whenever you feel like it.
  2. The support webinars. Each week we support you by means of three live webinars. These webinars have topics of their own. For example, there are specialized teaching and support webinars for: mindset and coaching & leadership.
  3. The 4 + 2 live training days. We expect you on the four live training days. These live days are important because the offer the possibility to practice your skills and to put the knowledge into practice. Six months later we invite you to the Summit: another 2 live training days.

The next live days will be announced.

Everything you need in one program

The Inge Rock certificate program offer everything you need to succeed.

Do you want to improve your own mindset and that of your kids, your colleagues, your team members? You got it!

Do you want to train your coaching and leadership skills in order to enhance your influence in a positive way? You got it!

Do you want to improve your attitude and your results as a leader and entrepreneur? You got it!

Do you want to start or expand your business? You got it!

Do you want to make yourself and your business visible and attract clients easily? You got it!

Do you want continued growth this year and achieve your goals? You got it!

When and how to start?

In principle you can start right away. There is no specific starting date. You begin whenever you feel ready.

By means of an intake talk with a coordinator of the program, we will make sure that you can start in the best possible way. You are also free to choose when you want to attend the live training days.

If you have any questions concerning the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] We want to make sure that you feel good about your decision.

International success

The Inge Rock Academy has certified more than a thousand people in Belgium, England, France, Croatia, Macedonia, the Netherlands and Serbia. Since January 1, 2019 the Inge Rock Academy has become available for the rest of the world.

Together we can expand our positive influence in the world. Thanks to the Inge Rock certification program you will become influential in your own country, city, company, practice or family.

This program really opened my eyes. Everything is very professional. Thanks to the exercises in small groups this training is very personal and there is confidentiality. It was also a pleasure to get to meet so many positive individuals. – E. Tournois from Komen, Belgium, entrepreneur

The trainings of Inge are always a revelation… very inspiring, practical and often quite confronting. She is a very enthusiastic and passionate mentor. The last three-day training I attended offered clarity and answers which meant a crucial breakthrough for me. – M. Dewerte from Evergem, Belgium, entrepreneur.

I started the training just over one year ago. And frankly I haven’t regretted it a bit. It’s so worth it, because it offers a lot more value than the initial investment. The student platform; the live webinars, the live training days and the possibility to practice. The family atmosphere between the students resulted in me having warm, caring and genuine new friends now. So, thank you very much! – M. Rosato from Mechelen, Belgium, life coach.

Inge, thank you for your incredible leadership. It is my pleasure and privilege to participate in this program. You show us all how to handle difficult situations and maintain integrity, all the while putting others first and creating change for us all. – S.K. Reynolds, North Carolina, USA, Psychologist and coach.

The price for the certificate program is $4500,00

The next live trainings will be announced.

Take your first steps as a coach today.

Contact our support team. This way we can decide together what the best solutions are for you personally in terms of timing and payment methods. Asking is for free and receiving is the art.