Belong to the team of mind experts

There is a difference between a coach and a mind expert.
A mind expert is a coach and more. A mind expert knows the new sciences of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, as well as understanding the influence of thinking on human biology and neurology. They can help people with methods, where a coach often cannot.

Are you ready to become a Mind Expert?
Will you become the person that makes a difference in a world that needs change?

Why does the world need Mind Experts?

The new sciences, such as quantum physics, neuroplasticity, neuroendocrinology and epigenetics, require a new approach. Don’t worry, we are not going to train you as a physicist or biologist. Far from!

But these sciences show the power of the human mind. It has been scientifically proven that human thinking has a much greater impact than we originally thought.

With the new sciences in mind, Inge Rock has developed methods to coach, train and mentor people, where previously that was virtually non-existent. But this requires a thorough training of the coach to become a Mind Expert.

Mind Experts can help people at a higher level, with amazing results, both for the person and for his environment.

Who will you become in the Circle of Mind Experts?

The Circle of Mind Experts is the training for coaches who are determined to put the best of themselves into the world, so that they can help their clients in the most professional way.

In this training:

  • Are coaches coached, trained and mentored: an absolute condition!
  • You receive a scientifically based education, with foundations from quantum physics, biology and neuroplasticity
  • You determine your voice, your place and your specialty
  • You develop your own program, with the content, knowledge and experiences you have
  • We determine your simple but strong business model
  • You learn to teach
  • You grow together in an international team of coaches
  • You put yourself on the map according to a proven step by step system

A one-year course

In this one-year course, our attention is mainly focused on:

  • Mind Expertise: understanding the functioning of the mind at a high and advanced level
  • Teaching: determining and developing your own programs
  • Coaching expertise: advanced coaching insights and experience
  • Learn to create and deliver stories
  • Teaching and guiding groups
  • Belong to an international team of mind experts

How does this work?

The training lasts for one year. Training is given in different ways.

Every trimester you work towards a specific goal, in that particular component.
The training consists of:

  • Specialized online video lessons on the student platform
  • Online live teaching days and workshops, supervised by Inge
  • The roadmap tells you what you finish against when
  • A goal that is achieved and corresponding test
  • 5 days retreat in Crete for your own personal growth and development

Given the international nature of the course, all classes are taught in English, but you can work in Dutch or another language.


Unique in the world

“I joined the Circle of Mind Experts at the beginning of this calendar year and the return on investment is fantastic, both emotionally and financially 🙂
I experience the Circle as a great team of like minded people, whom I can always rely on. The Circle is supported with knowledge and insights at world level and I can and may use that knowledge in my own business, so that professionals and entrepreneurs can awaken their full potential. The ever-new influx of Circle members and knowledge keeps the program dynamic and inspiring. I am very happy to have become a Circle member! You will not be able to discover the full value in a description, a folder, a call or on this website… you have to experience it. ”
– Cheers from a very happy Circle of Mind Experts member, William

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