Belong to the team of mind experts

Coaches also need coaching, mentoring and guidance.

Coaches, teachers, trainers, therapists and speakers today have every difficulty in the world to build their own business and to conquer a place in the market.

Are you ready to become a Mind Expert?
Will you become the person that makes a difference in a world that needs change?

Not seeing the trees for the forest

What are the reasons why coaches, teachers, trainers, therapists and speakers have such a hard time creating success?

There are 4 basic reasons for this:

1) There are more and more coaches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they offer quality. Not every coach is a good, professional coach.

2) They lack the entrepreneurial spirit and the insight of how they could build their business.

3) They run into their own self-image and fears. After all, coaches are also people.

4) Coaches are desperate when it comes to:

  • determine the niche: what kind of expert do you want to become
  • program content: which programs for which customer, how do you make your own programs
  • determine value: which price on which program
  • content marketing: creating the marketing content that you want to get as a customer
  • become the expert: how do you become better at your profession and ensure that your customer recognizes that value
  • structure and planning: putting the business into the world step by step with success as a result
  • work alone: most coaches prefer to work in a team and need a big stick

What is the Circle of Mind Experts?

The Circle of Mind Experts is a team of professional coaches, trainers, speakers, therapists who:

  • Have a positive attitude, with a healthy dose of awareness
  • Are determined to become the best in their field and want to grow in this
  • Want to present themselves as an expert in a certain domain
  • Want to brainstorm together and help each other with their content and structure of their program
  • Want to develop content together
  • Want to work on their content marketing to be able to give maximum value to customers
  • Have direct access to the support of the Inge Rock Academy mentors
  • Want to be trained and guided directly by Inge
  • Keep each other accountable for their planned actions
  • Enjoy the structure and planning for developing out their business
  • Are prepared to give the best of themselves for a year so that their business is successful and they have paying customers
  • Do not give up!

A year and 20 steps

In this video Inge tells you which 20 steps you have to take to have a successful business in one year.

Together in the Circle of Mind Experts, we ensure that you take these 20 steps in one year, unless you specify the subject of course.

It is the plan that Inge and her team use to make their business big.

We only give what works for us!

How does this work?

You can only join a new Circle group twice a year: on July 1 or January 1.

Each Circle group consists of a maximum of 15 international members. The working language is English.

The training takes a year and consists of 4 parts:

  • The online student platform with all the video teachings, scripts, workbooks, powerpoints, roadmaps and scripts that you need.
  • Every month you have online live mentoring sessions from Inge, which last between 3 and 4 hours and are always given on a Wednesday afternoon. You are expected to always be here.
  • On Monday September 9, Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 + on Tuesday February 18, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 you have live brainstorming and business building days, given by Inge herself.
  • From Sunday September 29 to Thursday October 3 you participate in the mind expert reatreat in Crete.
  • Twice a month Inge holds a support call on Thursday evening for all Circle members (including other Circle teams) as extra support.

The next Circle group will start on July 1, 2019. A qualification test is required to be excepted into the Circle of Mind Experts. If you are a member of the Inge Rock Academy (L1 or L2), please contact your program coordinator to discuss the options.

As a Mind Expert you can give the In Flow Workshop

In Flow Workshop and In Flow Retreat are unique, intensive programs that were developed by Inge Rock itself.

If you are a certified Mind Expert you can organize and give this workshop and retreat yourself.

Inge will give you the necessary support for this, so that you can translate these programs into your own target audience and niche.

The Circle members can always follow the In Flow Workshops by Inge without extra training costs. They only pay for their meal plan.

The Circle members may follow the In Flow Retreat 3 times. They do not have to pay a hotel and meal plan for their first participation in the Retreat.

The In Flow Workshop and the In Flow Retreat enrich your own curriculum and ensure that you put unique, value-tested and professional programs into the world.

The price of the Circle of Mind Experts program is € 15609.00 incl. 21% VAT (€ 12900.00 excl. VAT)

The next following Circle group will start on January 1, 2020.

Let’s build your business together.

Contact our support team. That way we can look together at what the best solutions are for you in terms of timing and payment options. Asking is free and obtaining is the art.