Coaching & Mind Academy

Become a world class coach and mindset expert.

As a coach you have a major impact on people.

Do people always come to you for good advice?

Then there might be coach hidden under your skin.

A coach is someone who is able to get the best out of people, while often these people consider this to be impossible.
As a coach you have to focus on the highest vision of your client and connect “thinking” with “results”.
If you succeed you will be a very valuable coach. Then you will provide transformation instead of information.
Watch the video on this page and become a world class coach.

How the Coaching & Mind Academy came into being

Inge Rock couldn’t dream that things would take such momentum when she started out as the first life success consultant in Belgium eight years ago. In less than a year her schedule was full of coaching appointments and she reached the proverbial ceiling. At that point she realized that she needed a team. The Coaching & Mind Academy came into being and turned into an enormous success. Later, under the influence of her business partner John C. Maxwell, leadership insights and skills came into the picture. Mindset and coaching are the cornerstones of this Academy.

The other Coaching & Mind training

The Coaching & Mind Academy courses are unique in the world. Inge combines classical coaching techniques and insights with teachings and learning methods that nobody else brings. In the Coaching & Mind Academy you learn a lot more than just coaching. You learn how to increase your influence on people. People and organizations want to advance, preferably yesterday. That’s why this Academy offers a thorough and very to-the-point training that puts you to work immediately. Inge knows that experience will be your best teacher. That’s why we provide coaching and mindset experiences that will enable you to advance much faster than in any other training course.

For who was this training developed?

This training is aimed at all coaching profiles.
A few examples:

Mental coaches
Psychologists and therapists
Life coaches
Health coaches
Child coaches
Sports coaches
Business coaches
Financial coaches
Business coaches
Executive coaches
All kinds of advisors and counsellors
Professors, instructors and teachers
Coaches who already have their own practice and would like to expand
Coaches who started their own practice but don’t experience success
People who dream about becoming a coach

But… it’s also aimed at everyone who wants to use coaching insights and techniques to feel happier and influence their relationship, family and colleagues in a positive way. In fact, everybody will benefit from these courses, because coaching starts with self-leadership.

Start with the academy

This is your starting point to become a coach.
You learn to understand the human mind and it’s infinitive potential. After that you start to practice coaching.
Only if you exercise coaching under supervision of the best mentors you will become an expert coach.


You are already a coach and you want to expand your business


Design your own transformation programs and profile yourself as an expert in the world.


Attract the perfect clients, lead them towards the desired result and earn money as a coach.

Real Results Retreat

Expand or build your coaching practice under guidance and personal mentoring by Inge.

We are here to help you

Having trouble finding the right choice of program for yourself? Make contact with our support team at [email protected] or just use the chat button on this page.