The right thinking technique leads to the results.

People become what they think.

This In Flow Retreat is a three-day intensive mind training where you will reprogram your own thinking. You can compare it with a major update of a computer. In three days, Inge Rock gives you all the tools, techniques and training to develop your mental resilience so that you can also master your emotions. The result is amazing AND CONTINUOUS.

But we go beyond that. Evaluated experience is the strongest teacher and with this we will work. Through the many experiences you will gain in the retreat, you will be trained up to cell level. Your body mind will also know where you are mentally and emotionally: stronger than ever before!

As a mind expert Inge Rock developed her own techniques, so that as a participant you can permanently develop your spiritual, conscious, subconscious and body spirit. It is the most intense and enriching program that you can follow as an individual.

This retreat is truly life-changing.


This retreat is the complete creation of Inge Rock herself and is unique in the world!

Who is this retreat intended for?

  • For all people who want to strengthen their mental, emotional and physical resilience.
  • For all people who are determined to fulfill their dreams and goals and who are convinced that their way of thinking determines their lives.
  • For leaders, managers, team leaders.
  • For athletes and sports coaches
  • For all kinds of coaches and trainers
  • For artists

The following retreat take place

on Sunday 2, Monday 3 and Tuesday 4, August 2020 in English

During these three days, you will

  • Exactly define your goals for your future (even if you do not know exactly what you want)
  • Examine each field of life
  • Get rid of what stops you from starting your dreams
  • Overcome your fears
  • Learn to stand in your strength
  • Learn to master your emotions
  • Override beliefs and past events for good
  • Dismiss the drama voice in your own head
  • Increase your awareness enormously
  • Build more self-confidence
  • Learn to follow your heart
  • Go home with an exact blueprint for your future
  • Make new friends for life

What does this three-day look like?

Sunday 2, Monday 3 and Tuesday 4, August 2020, in English 

This retreat takes place in golf hotel Naxhelet – Wanze.

  • We stay with a maximum of 50 participants in an amazing golf hotel with all luxury and comfort.
  • You choose a private room or you share a room with another person. Each room has its own bathroom.
  • We despise you at day 1 around 9.30 am at the hotel. A spacious free parking is available.
  • You leave the castle again on day 3 around 4 am.
  • The dress code is casual and sporty. How to note that this three-day also includes physical exercises. Yet the exercises are not particularly stressful, or rather mentally challenging.

Bring your partner and / or your children (+ 16y)
The In Flow Retreat is so much richer if you can share it with your partner and your children. That’s why we give you the chance to book a second person from the same family with a discount of 20%.
Moreover, you can of course share the room.

Book your retreat now

The price for the In Flow Retreat is € 1197.90 for a single person and € 1790.00 for two people.

Besides your participation you pay to the hotel your room (2 nights) and meals:

A single room including all meals and coffee breaks costs € 549.00 per person. An occupation in a double room (with partner, child or room mate) including all meals and coffee breaks costs € 422.00 per person. You pay these costs directly to the hotel after your registration.

Book your retreat now

Book your In Flow Retreat now

Your thinking quality determines your quality of life and the quality of your results.
Reprogram your thinking and you have the key to happiness.

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