Thinking is one of the skills we all share, but we never learned how to change our results by thinkingin flow.
During these two days Inge Rock will offer you a thought process that will completely change your life.
It almost sounds too good to be true, but you will be able to experience, understand and apply it yourself.
Did you ever read a book of Inge, attend an event of hers or are you curious HOW to APPLY these insights on a daily basis?
Then In Flow is your next step.

This is what you will discover, learn how to apply and experience in this two-day course:

  • You will learn how to handle obstacles and challenges in every walk of life in a new and endearing way
  • You will determine what you really want
  • You will crystallize your vision
  • You will face and exceed your objections
  • You will start working on your emotions and you will learn how to consciously guide them
  • You will reprogram your mind by means of result-oriented exercises
  • You will replace old convictions by new ones
  • You will create new neurological connections in your brain
  • You will grow in terms of consciousness and perception
  • You will train, train, train your mental muscles!
  • You will learn how to deal with stress and the daily hustle
  • You will learn the technique to control your emotions and bring them into balance
  • You will acquire loads of insights concerning the functioning of your own brain, mind and body
  • You will experience what flowmeans and how to create this for yourself

In short, after this two-day course your thinking will be different, so you will be different.
Furthermore, these two days are followed by 3 online support webinars where you can ask all your questions directly to Inge.
In doing so we offer you the maximum guarantee for results.

Price – $539,00 including mealplan: lunch and coffee breaks for both days

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Saturday October 26 & Sunday 27  2019, in Dutch.

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