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It's not just what you learn that matters. It's also important who you learn from.

Promise yourself that you want to become the very best life coach.

Inge also promised herself that in 2007 and now it's up to you!

About the Program

The Inge Rock Life Coach certification program consists of 3 different levels and you choose how far you grow with it.

Each level is a full-fledged education in itself, but the higher you climb, the better you get.

This master level builds on the basic level and the advanced level.

Who is the Life Coach Certification program for?

  • Any person who wants to develop themselves and learn to coach themselves, thanks to mindset and coaching methods and techniques
  • Any person who has the desire to use coaching as a constructive form of communication
  • All professions that influence people
  • Coaches and aspiring coaches who want to become a pro at their profession and build an (existing) business
  • Entrepreneurs and sales persons who want to develop a positive influence
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  • Is life coaching for me?

  • How do I get started in a coaching program?

  • When am I ready to coach?

  • How much does it cost to start a coaching practice?

My goal is:


This level consists of two main parts: Coach Entrepreneur and Coach Practitioner.

Coach Entrepreneur:

In this phase we are going to teach you how to build your own coaching business:

  • You'll learn to define your place in the coaching industry
  • You are going to define your ideal customer
  • You will define and build your own business model
  • You're going to determine your prices
  • You'll learn to attract customers (a proven, highly effective method)
  • You're going to learn content marketing, so you can learn to attract customers in a predictable way


Coach Practitioner:

In this phase, you will learn to use coaching as a form of communication for leaders:

  • You will learn the exceptions in coaching conversations and how to handle them
  • You practice until you master Inge's coaching method


This course takes an average of one hour of study per week and consists of:

  • Coach entrepreneur: build your own coaching business further
  • Coach practitioner: become the master coach
  • Elite Client Program 2.0: attract clients in a constant and predictable way
  • Teacher & Trainer Program: learn to create your own teachings and learn to teach in front of a live audience
  • The bi-weekly teaching webinar with Inge + the recordings
  • The bi-weekly Q&A webinar + the recordings
  • Student platform remains open as long as you remain active
  • 12 Coaching Practice Days (in 6 months)become the master coach
  • Coaching Summit - 1 per year LIVE:training days exclusively for Master coaches, live on site
  • High Level Mastermind - 1 per year LIVE:master mind group exclusively for Master coaches, live on location
  • Teacher & Trainer live training days on location

When and how can you start?

You can start today.

There is no particular entry date. You start when you are ready.

Through an intake meeting with a program coordinator, we ensure that we can get you started in the best possible way.

If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] After all, we want you to feel good about this decision.

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