Life Coach Certification Program

Become an excellent life coach and increase your positive influence

Everything you need to develop yourself and others can be found in this three-part certification program.

You can only give what you have, both to yourself and to others.

About the program

Most people ask themselves, "How do I become a life coach?"

In this intense and very complete training Inge Rock gives you her insights, techniques and methods. So that you can not only help yourself, but also others. The certificate gives you the permission to pass on the knowledge and techniques and to be able to help others with it, like your employees, your clients, your children, your team etc.

In this certification program you will learn:

  • Mindset and thinking methods
  • All necessary coaching principles
  • The Inge Rock Coaching method
  • Build your own practice and/or coach people

This is a combination of online training modules, teaching webinars, live online coaching practice and live training days.

Who is the Life Coach Certification Program For?

  • Any person who wants to develop themselves and learn to coach themselves, thanks to mindset and coaching methods and techniques
  • Any person who has the desire to use coaching as a constructive form of communication
  • All professions that have an influence on people
  • Coaches and aspiring coaches who want to become a crack in their profession and who want to build an (existing) business
  • Entrepreneurs and sales persons who want to develop a positive influence
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The 3 levels of the Life Coach Certification Program

The Inge Rock Life Coach certification program consists of 3 different levels and you choose how far you grow with it.

Each level is a full training in itself, but the higher you climb, the better you become.


In this level you will learn the basics of the Inge Rock coaching method:

  • Inge's coaching method
  • The coaching principles about the coaching process
  • The basic coaching tools and techniques
  • You will learn the basic skills of the coaching principles and the Inge Rock coaching method with the model


In this level you will learn the full Inge Rock coaching method:

  • Learning to use the method
  • Further explore and learn the coaching method
  • Intake conversations
  • Learn to use the transformation tools during the coaching sessions
  • Keep the client accountable and help them to take steps
  • Continuously improve the coaching skills


This level consists of two main parts: Coach Entrepreneur and Coach Practitioner.

Coach Entrepreneur:

In this stage we are going to teach you to build your own coaching business:

  • You will learn to define your place in the coaching market.
  • You're going to define your ideal client
  • You're going to define and build your own business model
  • You'll set your prices
  • You will learn how to attract clients (a proven, highly effective method)
  • You will learn content marketing, so you can attract clients in a predictable way

Coach Practitioner:

In this phase, you will learn to use coaching as a form of communication for executives:

  • You learn the exceptions in coaching conversations and how to handle them
  • You practice until you master Inge's coaching method

Important to know

It matters who you learn from.

Inge Rock has trained hundreds of coaches, with great success. She has sat in your chair and knows exactly where you are today.
She knows what you need, how to build your confidence and how to grow step by step. Before you take any training, it's important to check that your teachers and mentors have fantastic results.

When and how can you start?

You can start immediately in the Basic level. There is no particular starting date. You start when you are ready.

Through an intake interview with a program coordinator, we ensure that we can start you off in the best possible way.

If you have questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. After all, we want you to feel good about this decision.