Personal mentoring by Inge Rock

It is not only important what you learn.

It is just as important from whom you learn it.

Are you planning to achieve big goals? Then you need a world class mentor like Inge Rock.

Why? Because you do not want to waste time and energy and because you are resolutely planning to succeed.

Goal-oriented and decisive

Knowing what you want is the first step to result.
Many fail to turn their goals into tangible results. In companies, more than 80% of all started projects fail.
Why? The human factor boycotts the creation process. If it were so easy to achieve their goals, everyone would be thin, successful, wealthy and happy.
Inge works exclusively with people who are entirely willing to succeed and who are eager to go an extra mile to achieve success.

This mentoring is very goal-oriented and decisive. You can call it a shortcut to result.


In this personal mentoring you will receive:

  • A mentoring of 2 to 3 hours at the start, in which you make your mission and vision completely clear
  • A mentoring of 30 minutes every 14 days, for 6 months, during which you will be guided to achieve your goals

All mentoring will be held online using the Zoom meeting platform.

What to expect?

  • You will find your mission and the answer to the question “What do I want?”
  • You will develop a crystal clear vision for your business and your life
  • You will get the right tools, insights, methods and transformation techniques at the right time with every step you have to take
  • You will be held accountable for your actions and decisiveness
  • You will receive feedback and guidance about your attitude and mindset
  • You will be motivated and coached to succeed
  • In Inge, you will have a very conscious sparring partner
  • You will do more in half a year than others achieve in a decade

Submit your application

If you like to be personally mentored by Inge, then you can submit your application via the link below.

How it works:

You click on the link, and you purchase Intake ticket which will cost you $199.
After your purchase, you will receive two emails right away.

1. In the first email, we will ask you to confirm the validity of your email
2. In the second email, you will receive a link to complete DISC personality test.

This will be online.
More information about what is DISC you can find here:
After completing the DISC analysis, you will receive DISC personality report and link to Inge’s agenda to book a meeting with her.
After you scheduled meeting with Inge, you will receive a meeting link which you will use to meet with Inge.
During this intake meeting, Inge will decide if you are a good match for personal mentoring.
If that would not be a case, she will be able to tell you what the next necessary step you should take to achieve your goals.
This meeting will take between 45 minutes to an hour. You will discuss your options and the personal mentoring price during this meeting, and all this will depend on your goals and what you try to achieve.

Reserve your spot in an intake interview in order to be personally mentored by Inge: