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Real Results Retreat for Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Teachers

You love helping people, but you don’t have enough clients and you lack a concrete business model. You also want to see results ASAP. Does this resonates with you?

For more than 10 years Inge Rock has been successfully developing programs for her own academy. In her search for “the best” she continuously upgraded herself and the content of her programs. The students at the academy will testify that they receive a lot of value. But…

You lack the time and the willpower to unravel everything yourself…

You don’t feel like attending days of training in order to get started on your own. You have enrolled in trainings to become a coach, a consultant, an advisor or a therapist and now you want to see some progress. No more turning around in circles. We want to see results NOW, preferably yesterday.

Then we have wonderful news for you! The Real Results Retreat exists for people like you.

TOGETHER with INGE you will work out your complete business model – including your own programs… in just a few days!

No wasting time, no training for months, but a straightforward approach… together with Inge. A dream turning into reality?

Which issues will you address together with Inge?

  1. You will crystallize your business vision
  2. You will define your exact niche and specialization
  3. You will set specific goals for your business and quality of life
  4. You will define your perfect clients
  5. You will develop a complete business model
  6. You will decide on your position in the market
  7. You will create 3 different levels of a transformation program. Programs that are known to produce the best possible results!
  8. You will decide which transformation tools you will use for which programs
  9. You will define and develop the complete content and order of your transformation programs
  10. You will define your rates / prices
  1. You will define and devise substantial teaching steps
  2. You will completely develop the content of your transformation programs and create the necessary material
  3. You will choose teaching and coaching methods for your programs
  4. You will concretize your programs in terms of time, flow and support
  5. You will learn how to offer world class support for your programs
  6. You will decide how many coaching’s you want to give
  7. You will create your own marketing plan and work out your schedule
  8. You will create sales scripts
  9. You will accumulate self-esteem
  10. You will feel happier than ever!

Once you have been through this process, you will have a business ready for launch. Success will be the result.

What are the greatest benefits for you?

  • You no longer waste time because you continue purposefully
  • You save yourself loads of frustration and procrastination
  • You can feel at ease that you are making the right decisions
  • You are sure that your model will do the trick
  • You know how much money you can expect to make with this
  • You know how your schedule will look like
  • You have developed a ready-made business
  • You have satisfied clients who are achieving results and they want to pay for that
  • You radiate self-confidence
  • You are considered an expert in your field
  • You feel as if you are making the world a little bit more beautiful

Some practical information

This retreat spans 2 different days and 3 webinars.

You will work together in Inge’s private house. Prepare to work, eat, drink coffee and brainstorm together. This ensures complete personal guidance and custom results.

– The crystallisation of the vision for your business, keeping your quality of life in mind. Determining your niche, starting from your own personality, experience, knowledge and expertise.
– Determining and building the most suitable business model. Determine your perfect customers and pricing. The elaboration of all the business ingredients that you need for the business model to work.
– Choosing and determining the different transformation programs for your different target groups.
– The development of your transformation programs including all tools and ingredients. Determining the appropriate marketing campaigns and setting up a plan to put the business on the market.
Prior to your trip to Belgium Inge will work with you on two personal webinars of two hours each. Your retreat in Belgium will be followed by another two hour webinars.

If you’d rather not make the trip to Belgium, you can sign up for 7 sessions of 3 hours each. All sessions will be live streamed and recorded.

Who is this for?

  • You have completed a coaching training (at the Inge Rock Academy or somewhere else)
  • You want to assist people in solving life and business problems
  • You want to become an independent entrepreneur, or you already are an entrepreneur
  • You can envision clearly what you want to create in terms of niche and clients
  • You are willing to free up the necessary 2 days and the 8 hours webinar time and come to Belgium (land of beer and chocolate) or .. you stay at home and free up 7 blocks of 3 hours

We will discuss the possible dates together for this Real Results Retreat. This retreat is exclusively for coaches, consultants, advisors, experts and therapists who really want to succeed as entrepreneurs. The complete retreat costs $ 9900,00.


Make an appointment now and let’s discuss your possibilities about this retreat.