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MAY 26 - 30, 2022 | DURBUY

A Life Coach Retreat that will help you reset and kick off your dream life

Suppose you invest 5 days of your life, only to continue living on a totally different level afterwards. Would it be worth this investment to you ?

Inge Rock built this retreat after the years of success experience of the three-day Turning Point retreat. Turning Point was great, but, something was still missing.... Inge went to work and developed the most profound and transformative retreat available.

As Inge so often says, "Evaluated experience is the very best teacher" and that is what this retreat is all about.

The retreat is composed of teachings - from Inge Rock herself, of course - exercises guided by professional mentors, meditations, contemplation exercises and outdoor activities, which do not miss their target.

Each day has its own purpose:

Group of People During a Life Coach Retreat | Inge Rock

Day 1: Build your dream

In 1 day we build your future image, your dream.
On this first day, you decide EXACTLY what you want and fill in all the details.

You test your dream, you make your dream clear and by the end of this first day, you know that your dream and your goals are a perfect fit for you.

You see your life completely in front of you and you know it's right.

Day 2: Clean up your life

We are masters at holding on to what no longer serves us.
This is partly out of habit and partly because we are afraid of missing something.

Now, once you get your goals right on Day 1, determining what no longer suits you is easier. You see it crystal clear and you align yourself with your vision. You eliminate attitudes, principles, beliefs and you determine exactly what (or who) still fits into the future vision.

Day 3: Challenge day

There are three main reasons why you fail to achieve the desired results or fail to achieve them adequately: lack of self-confidence, fear of the unknown and lack of vision.

We solved lack of vision on day 1. Now we'll work on your self-confidence and your fears. On Day 3, you learn to act like your future self: with confidence and right through the fear. Thanks to the strong experiential education, you know exactly how to act in times of stress, when everything seems to be against you, and in times of anxiety.

You build a resilient mindset.

Day 4: Breakthrough day

On Day 4, your consciousness takes perhaps the biggest leap as you learn to approach everything from a totally new perspective.

You learn to fully place the painful experiences of the past and a weight of 10 tons is lifted from you.

You will also be taught the methods to keep you at this higher level of consciousness.

You will never experience your own life and the world around you the same again, and you will gain calm self-confidence in its place.

Zipliners During a Life Coach Retreat | Inge Rock

Day 5: Way forward day

During this final day, we're going to land everything you've learned, experienced and evaluated into action.

It's time to make decisions, gain structure and put you into action so you can start your new life.

You're all set, then. You have tons of energy to fly in. When you go home, your life begins in a new dimension and you know exactly what to do.

Practical Information

This five-day Reset Retreat will take place from May 26 through May 30, 2022 at Durbuy, Belgium, at various locations.

You will arrive on May 26 by 9:00am and leave the retreat on May 30 around 5:00pm.

Each participant will stay overnight, internally, during the entire retreat.
Keep in mind that you will not be going home during the retreat.

You will sleep for 4 nights at golf hotel Five Nations, 7 kilometers from Durbuy.

Once on site, everything is arranged for you from A to Z.

Durbuy, Belgium | Inge Rock

If you sign up alone, chances are you will have a roommate, of the same sex. If you would like to share the room with someone you know from our Inge Rock Academy, we are happy to accommodate this as best we can.

You will receive an exact, detailed agenda and all practical information after registration. Then you will also be able to communicate your dietary restrictions, if applicable.

You pay an all inclusive price of € 3200,00 incl. VAT*

This prize includes, from arrivals on May 26 through May 30 at 5 p.m:

  • All teachings and workshops
  • All breakfasts, lunches, and sumptuous dinners
  • All non-alcoholic beverages and coffee breaks
  • The 4 overnight stays
  • All extra refreshments and surprises
  • All activities
  • All transfers to the different locations
  • All materials
  • All guidance from the team

* The only thing we have not included in the price are alcoholic beverages, as well as your transportation to and from Durbuy. If you would like to enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the evening, it still has to be paid for on the spot.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].