We build your business

Helping people is your thing, but you have too few customers, no customers and no concrete business model. Moreover, you want to achieve ASAP results, attract customers and expand your business. Recognizable?

For more than 10 years, Inge Rock has been managing its own academy successfully. In her search for “the best” she has constantly upgraded herself including the content of her programs. The students at the academy will agree that the value they receive is very high. But…

You don’t feel like and have no time to figure it all out yourself…

You have no sense and time to follow days of training and then get started yourself. You have received training as a coach, consultant, advisor or therapist and now it has to go forward. Done with turning in circles. NOW there must be results and preferably the day before yesterday.

Then we have very good news for you! We build your business for people like you.

TOGETHER with Inge and Zoran, you will complete your entire business – including your own programs … in the shortest possible time!

No waste of time, no months of training, but right through it … together with Inge herself. A dream that becomes reality?

What are you working on together?

  1. You are going to crystallize your vision for your business
  2. You will determine your exact niche and specialty
  3. You will set concrete goals for your business and for your quality of life
  4. You are going to define your perfect customers
  5. You are going to design a complete business model
  6. You will determine your position in the market
  7. You will make 3 different levels of a transformation program. Programs that produce the very best result!
  8. You decide which tools you will use in which programs
  9. You will determine and work out the entire content and order of your transformation programs
  10. You are going to determine your prices
  1. You will determine and elaborate the substantive teaching steps
  2. You will fully develop the content of your transformation programs and make the necessary material
  3. You will determine the teaching and coaching methods for your programs
  4. You will concretize your programs in terms of time, flow and support
  5. You will learn how to give world class support to your programs
  6. You decide how many coaching you want to give
  7. You will work out your own marketing plan and determine your agenda
  8. You are going to make your sales script
  9. You are going to put your business online
  10. You will develop systems and set up campaigns that attract the perfect customers

When you go through this process, you have completely set up a business, with success as a result.

What are the biggest benefits for you?

  • You do not waste any more time because you continue to work purposefully
  • You save yourself lots of frustration and procrastination
  • You are confident that you are making the right decisions
  • You are sure that your model will work
  • You know how much money you can earn with this
  • You know what your agenda will look like
  • You have worked out a ready-made business
  • You have very happy customers who achieve the result for which they want to pay
  • You shine full of confidence
  • You are seen as an expert in your field
  • You have the feeling that you make the world just that bit more beautiful

How is this work practically?

An intense personal retreat takes place over two consecutive days. Contact us to choose the term that suits you best.

You work together with Inge in her private home. You eat together, drink coffee together, brainstorm together, walk together. That means complete personal guidance and tailor-made solutions.

First we plan 2 preparation webinars of 2 hours each. These webinars are needed to get the most out of your two-day event.

Then we plan your personal two-day with Inge.

Afterwards, 2 webinars of 2 hours will follow again for further development.

Afterwards, her partner Zoran takes over the torch and together you will build all the systems needed to run your business.

The only thing he needs from you is the content. He does the rest for you!

So no more technical nightmares or misplaces about online marketing. Everything is created for you!

Who is this for?

  • You want to build your own coaching and / or training programs
  • You want to help people solve a life or business problem
  • You want to become an independent entrepreneur or you already are
  • You have a broad idea of what you want to put into the world in terms of niche and type of customers
  • You are prepared to release the necessary 2 days and the necessary time

If you would like to have your business built, we will discuss the possible dates together. This retreat is only intended for people who really want to succeed as an entrepreneur. The complete program comes to $ 12900.00 excl. VAT.

Start now!

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