Inge Rock is obviously the leader of her own academies, but she is also the author of various books, theatre shows, conferences and seminars.

Every time someone comes to me and says “Inge, you have changed my life”, I get goosebumps. It continues to surprise me. – Inge Rock


  1. You become what you think
    Her first book, written by Inge in 2009, became a bestseller. Lannoo immediately saw the potential of this self-care book and today, seven years after the first edition, the sales of this book are still soaring.
    A revised edition was released in June 2013. Lannoo – 2009
    “You become what you think” has been translated into English, French, Croatian, Serbian and Polish.
  2. I is an idiot
    On April 1, 2011 the book “I is an idiot” was published. It is still available as an eBook. It’s a small and funny book that makes fun of the alter ego; the other I who is responsible for all the drama in life. Lannoo – 2011
  3. Long live love
    “Long live love”, a book about relationships, was published on October 1, 2012. There is nothing as fascinating and challenging as human relationships. In this book Inge unravels all the great misconceptions concerning relationships and offers concrete insights and solutions. Lannoo – 2012
  4. Rock your life
    On October 15, 2015 Inge launched her newest book “Rock your Life”. In this book Inge tackles all the principles that seem to stand between us and the results we desire. As long as we keep hiding behind the ideas and principles that do not serve us, we won’t be able to create new results. Lannoo – 2015
    “Rock your life” has been translated into Serbian and Croatian.
  5. Think & put your vision into reality
    In this book you will get to know the laws of creation one step at a time. You are about to discover the secrets of the universe. You will find out that you are able to create anything you want. And this alone is mind-blowing enough.
    A marvellous world will open for you if you are still unfamiliar with these secrets. Enjoy the journey and the view! Rockon – 2017
  6. Think & increase your influence
    On October 1, 2017 Inge published a new workbook, specifically aimed at entrepreneurs and managers. The need to improve communication and leadership in companies is now greater than ever. In this workbook Inge provides insights and solutions in different fields: mindset, awakening the potential of team members, creating the ideal workplace and leadership. Rockon – 2017
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