Thanks to her coaching experience with some of the most successful stand-up comedians in Belgium, Inge got fascinated by the theatre. Her father used to perform on stage and her mother was a light opera singer, but Inge never took the stage herself. She had been teaching to hundreds of people since the age of twenty-three but taking the stage of a theatre… it was a challenge.
Due to her insights into the functioning of the human mind, Inge understood what a theatre environment could mean for her business.
In the cosy and comfortable surroundings of the theatre she would be able to convey her confronting and out-of-the-box ideas without meeting any resistance from the audience. The spectators would have a good time, feel great, and at the same time they would be provided with valuable knowledge and insights. They would be inspired and their consciousness would grow.
And by adding a bit of humour to convey your message, the message becomes that much more unshakeable and the insight is immediately accepted by the subconsciousness.
Just like marketers who know how to influence the subconsciousness of people to get them to buy things, Inge realised how she could inspire people toward more introspection, consciousness, change and action.

To learn to laugh with yourself is the key to personal growth. Once you can laugh with yourself, there is no place for ego. – Inge Rock

In 2010 Inge started working with theatre producer and writer Peter Perceval. This resulted in two successful theatre shows:

  1. I is an idiot
    In the fall of 2010 Inge launched her theatre show “I is an idiot”. She used her own ego to get the audience acquainted with their egos. Hilarious and extremely recognizable.
Inge performed this show 10 times and reached an audience of more than 5000 people.
  2. Long live love
    This theatre show premiered on January 12, 2013. Together with the book “Long live love”, Inge brought ready-made relationship tips to audiences by telling the story of Dirk and Rita, who made a mess of things.
 “Long live love” was performed 12 times and reached more than 6000 people.
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