Teacher – Leader

Being the only child of two teachers, Inge was spoon-fed the art of teaching, inspiring and motivating. It was only natural that she chose for a pedagogical degree. Teacher jobs were scarce in the ‘80’s and so she ended up as a sales manager and trainer for the Lancaster Group. Finally Inge was able to teach!
The foundations for her skills as a coach were laid thanks to her pedagogical degree and 20 years of experience in the fields of leadership, communication and sales.

I have never seen myself as a leader, until I heard my friend John Maxwell say: “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less” – Inge Rock

While studying psychology and personal development, Inge came to realize that there was a huge distance between “wanting” and “achieving”, between “idea” and “result”. But everything is possible if you understand the functioning and possibilities of the human mind and if you can interpret emotions in the right way and take the right decisions!
But it wasn’t before she started working with big names as Bob Proctor, John C. Maxwell and Paul Martinelli that pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. They provided her with the wisdom she needed to transform her skills into ready-made and effective programs. Her courses in the United States were the reward for years of intensive studying and development. Some very important names such as Paul Martinelli, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Les Brown, John Maxwell and Nick Vujicic became close colleagues.
Inge became one of the world’s best coaches, teachers and speakers. She was honoured with the Torchbearer award for her outstanding accomplishments.

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