Inge Rock coaches help you for free in uncertain times

Due to the situation we have all ended up in, we are very challenged and we live with fear and stress. As coaches, we want to be there for you and make sure we get through it together.

We welcome everyone to the People for People webinar platform from 10 am to 10 pm. Every day, as long as it is necessary.
The aim is to connect people and to show solidarity in this challenging time. People who are alone can have a chat, people can ask questions about mindset and lifestyle,  and the coaches give teachings on all kinds of topics such as anxiety, self-confidence, education, relationships, entrepreneurship, job and career, nutrition, exercise, etc. You will mainly find inspiration, support, positivity and … each other.

How can you follow the webinars?
You can register here for free.
Below you will find the agenda of the webinars with the topics and names of the coaches they give. Every hour a different coach with a new topic comes online. You can follow as many webinars as you like and everything is free of course. Some webinars are in Dutch and some are in English.

Register for the People for People webinars of your choice:

Tuesday, April 7
Wednesday, April 8
Thursday, April 9
Friday, April 10
Saturday, April 11

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Inge, I want to thank you. Together with your team you have been the catalyst for my personal life and my business. I still have many steps to take, but I have become “unstoppable”. By studying the mind I now realize that everything is possible and that I will achieve my goals. Inge, thank you for what you have taught me and what you will teach me in the future.

– Arno Monsecour

Inge’s training’s are every time again a revelation. Very inspiring, practical and sometimes really confrontational. She is a very driven and passionate mentor. The last training I have followed brought clarity and a lot of answers that were responsible for a fundamental breakthrough in my life

– Martine Dewerte