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Young Minds is the new course of the Inge Rock Academy

Who is this training for?

  • For anyone who has some influence on young minds.
  • We are thinking primarily of parents and plus-parents, grandparents, teachers, educators and pedagogues, and child and youth coaches.
  • We want to equip life coaches with specialized knowledge, because the biggest energy leak is in the life area (family).

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How does this training work?

A full-fledged 9-month online course with the following components:

  • A student platform with video tutorials
  • 18 online class moments every two weeks with a mentor - English or Dutch
  • Four times Coaching Practice Days three-day training per year: 12 live online courses in which you learn to coach
  • Two Club Nights per year
  • Two Coaching Retreats - the three-day live event with all Academy members together - per year

What are the topics covered in the training?

Mindset & Personal Growth

The workings of the human mind

The 6 mental muscles for more thinking power

The laws of creation

The 7 levels of consciousness

Terror barrier

Stress and burnout

Coach Yourself

Define your vision

Your programming

The self-coaching method

The quantum model

Making decisions

Coaching principles

Your coaching role

Coaching core competencies

The alter ego in coaching conversations

Coaching for young people

The attitude of a leader

Paradigm analysis exercises

Structure of a general coaching session

Empowering Parents

The family vision

The child's vision

The child's thinking

The energy of the child

The family meeting

The many roles of the parent

Young Minds Coaching

Self-image of the child

Making choices: pressure from parents or pressure from yourself

Mental muscles in kids shape

Vision and goals: become your own superhero

Building Faith

What is most important

How to

Kitchen table coaching

Group coaching for young people

Getting Started

Materials and Resources

Young Minds -10 Year Coaching

Specialized teachings at the child level will be added starting in May 2022.

These are included in the price.


You will receive a Young Mind Coach certificate upon completion of the training and after attending the 4x Coaching Practice Days three-day event.