Book Inge as a speaker and trainer

Inge Rock belongs to the top inspiring speakers and teachers in Belgium and far beyond. She inherited the art of teaching and speaking naturally and is renowned for her witty and sometimes confronting statements, her dynamics and her uncontrollable enthusiasm.
To book Inge as a speaker demands an open mind and the will to change.
Are you an organizer who is searching for a woman who rocks the stage, who knows the art of raising the energy levels in the room and offers an inspirational speech? If this is the case, then Inge Rock is the woman you want to see on stage. Contact us at [email protected] and please mention your name, first name, phone number and motivation to book Inge Rock.
Inge’s mission is to make people think differently and she shares her vision with tremendous enthusiasm and love.
Do you want to achieve better results within your organisation and do you have an audience with more than 50 people? Inge will be honoured to come your way.
The subject depends on the objectives.

Possible topics:

  • What you think, you become
  • The levels of creation
  • Create according to the laws of nature
  • Transform vision into results
  • No bullshit
  • Boost your energy
  • Rock your Life
  • The attitude of top entrepreneurs
  • Energy in mind and body

Possible forms

Depending on your objective, the setup and the available time, you can choose between:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Trainings of 1 hour, 1 part of the day or an entire day
  • Day and evening seminars
  • Multi-day workshops

We create the form that fits you best.
Contact us at [email protected] to discuss the possibilities.

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