Who is Inge Rock

Mission of the Inge Rock Academy

In 2004 I lost everything I had. 

My marriage ended in divorce, I was miserable and I lost my perfumery business that  I had invested a lot of money in. After a long 2 year battle trying to save myself and my business, I ended up one million euros in debt and had  hit rock bottom. I had lost everything… but more than all that : I lost myself.

One day I walked into a book store. I felt so out of place, but my soul was searching. I bought a Dutch self help book with my last 20 euros and read it in six hours. What I felt next was indescribable: my soul was on fire and I  had caught a ray of light, a glimmer of hope.  

I started to ask myself questions:

Why me?
What now?
Who am I?
What do I want?
What can I do?

I was hooked!
I still remember the day I watched The Secret documentary and I knew that God was calling me to step forward. I wanted to teach. I wanted to help people. I wanted to change the world. Sounds familiar right?
I borrowed money from a dear friend and became certified as a life coach. I started my coaching business and began hosting small seminars; and I knew right away my favourite spot, was on the platform.
Two years later my schedule was full and clients were lining up to get in to see me, it was then that I started educating life coaches.
The Inge Rock Academy was born.

Who is Inge?

My parents were both teachers, teaching is in my blood.
After two years of running my own coaching business,
I knew that I was destined to teach and speak.
I started hosting public seminars in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders) and I wrote and performed a couple of one woman shows.
I also started teaching; my curriculum has evolved over the years, but helping individuals transform from rock bottom to where they want to be, and training and certifying life coaches is the foundation of The Inge Rock Academy

About Inge Rock

"I would like every child in school to have a subject called 'thinking.' Then our children would be able to build their lives and then they would learn to turn life's challenges into opportunities."

– Inge Rock

What is it about me?

If you would to talk to our clients, what would they tell you about me?

I believe that these are the 10 principles and values that define me:

  1. I am an energy bomb. I naturally take the energy to the roof and beyond not just sometimes, all the time! I believe in having fun and I am very enthusiastic, I am always so excited to share my teachings whether on a stage or in an online class. My energy is contagious! I lift you up by connecting you to your true source and I inspire you to want to become the greatest possible version of yourself. 
  2. I am straight forward and I have a ‘no BS’ mentality. I am honest and  I believe that hearing the truth is an invitation for growth. I tell you what you need to hear, without sugar coating it. 
  3. My content is simple. I take the most difficult and scientific topics and translate them into relevant and relatable teachings that are easy to digest.
  4. My content is deep. My content may look simple, but it has a profound impact and is deeply insightful. I want this to work for you. I aim for lasting transformation.
  5. Yes, my content is deep, but I have translated it so it is very practical and easy to apply. My retreats are priceless, because you become the experience and change forever.
  6. My teachings are experience based education. It is not enough to know. I want you to be able to understand, internalize, contemplate and experience. You are a participant, not a spectator. 
  7. I love metaphors and story telling, I use a lot of stories and metaphors to make the experience light, fun and easy to understand. 
  8. I am consistent and congruent and I expect the same of my people. I will never ask you to do something I am  not doing. I am not afraid to show my vulnerability and my flaws.
  9. I insist on the very best. I aim for highest quality and standards in everything I do. I only wants the best for my clients and always do my best to exceed expectations. 
  10. I train and certify life coaches with the same content and principles I use. I do not hold anything back, I give everything I have because I want them to pass on the torch to their clients, their family, their teams, their friends and have a positive on everyone they come in contact with. I believe in the ripple effect. 

What can clients expect from me?

I am all about real transformation.
We all know that there is a huge gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.
For years it has been my quest to understand what is needed to not just know or do but to really transform and I believe I have the tools of transformation to close that gap!
In a time where there is so much content available, it is not enough to read and listen. Anybody can do that. We can Google anything and find the answers within seconds. That is not where true value lies.
Today, people need more.

They need:

  • Easy to understand knowledge. If the content becomes too difficult to understand, they will give up because they will never never be able to execute. It will only remind  them of their bad days at school.
  • Knowledge based on the new sciences, translated into metaphors and stories. In order to escape from our Newtonian programming and be able to enter the new paradigms that are needed today, people need simple methods.They need  to know, like, trust and apply the content, in a way they can relate to. If they cannot relate to it, they will never apply it. If they don’t apply it, they will never alter their lives. 
  • A community of like minded people, so they can be themselves in an environment that is safe, uplifting and inspiring. A place where they are not judged but supported along their transformation. The Inge Rock Academy is that place, it is not just a community it is a family. 
  • A voice. My clients need a safe environment where they can speak up, where they are heard and where they are mentored and coached. In that environment they find people who understand them, support them and who do not judge them.
  • A mentor who keeps you close. We know that we cannot transform alone. It is not an overnight event. It is process that takes months and even years. My programs are led by the best alumni of the academy. Every second week they meet in small groups, a maximum of 6 people, this type of support while learning is paramount to growth through constant engagement.
  • Experience. Evaluated experience is by far the best teacher. That is why I value experience based education so much. My teachings are combined with powerful exercises that help students assimilate the message, followed by brainstorming and practice sessions that bring the teachings to life. It is when they act and then evaluate those actions that transformation becomes anchored. Experience produces results!
  • Confrontation. Yes clients need and actually want to be confronted. I understand the power of confrontation to shake someone’s thought patterns, and I always question the programming that lies dormant in the subconscious mind. Therefore honesty and vulnerability are key principles in our academy. Sugar coating is merely delay of execution.
  • High energy. People want to be happy, healthy, rich and successful. We bring our people into that environment so they can feel and experience what it is to live the life they imagine. Only the best is good enough in a world where we can choose to be, do and have everything we can dream of. We work hard and we play hard in many different ways: online seminars, live events, movie nights are a few ways we stay connected and keep the energy way up.
  • Tons of support. When yogurt hits the fan, you want someone who can help you right away. The academy offers our clients loads of support in many different ways: webinars, Q&A sessions, mentoring classes and personal coaching. 
  • A variation of teaching methods. Not everyone learns the same way. That is why we offer our clients a large range of possibilities like an online student platform, live webinars, small group mentoring sessions, personal coaching, online brainstorm sessions and master mind groups. The cherry on the cake are the retreats, where people literally retreat five days from their lives to experience true transformation.

We never look at the most lucrative solution.
We aim for the solution that brings happy clients and the best results. 

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