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Certified Life Coach Training Programs Online to Transform You

The Inge Rock Academy specializes in transformational methods and online and live training of life coaches in English and Dutch language.

The Academy involves one complete program consisting of 4 faculties:
The Life Code, the Life Coach Certification Program, Young Minds and the Circle of Mind Experts.

As a participant, you are not required to go through everything, that is, each and every faculty of our online life coach training. You can start in The Life Code and you can also advance up to and into the Circle of Mind Experts.

What to Expect from our online Life Coach Training

Regardless of the faculty you’re training in, ranging from The Life Code to the Circle of Mind Experts, you can expect content that is simple yet deep. Valuable information found in the most difficult and scientific topics, is converted into bite-sized, easy to digest bits of teachings. While our content is simple on the outside and easy to understand, it has depth and is found to have a profound impact. But the teachings of our academy go far beyond “knowing”. The learning you will accumulate through our online life coach training also bridges the gap between knowing and doing, with a tremendous capacity to bring transformation.

With a practical focus, our life coaching faculties are designed to teach and encourage participants to not only understand and internalize but also contemplate and experience. By carefully breaking down complex content into small actionable steps that are easy to apply, this goal is easily accomplished. Our thoughtfully designed experience-based education can bring a lasting change.

Moreover, to be effective, any type of life coaching should be engaging to draw the crowd’s attention. I use a lot of storytelling and metaphors to make it a light, fun, interesting, and deeply engaging experience that participants will not only enjoy but take with them, long after they’ve successfully completed the program. It’s because they not only like but also trust and relate to the content, which makes it a lot easier for them to apply. Besides, in the safe, uplifting, and inspiring environment of our program, participants can freely speak up without the fear of being judged. It facilitates effective mentoring and coaching which in turn can lead to a lasting transformation. Besides our founder Inge Rock, some of the best alumni lead our online life coach training programs, offering great support and constant engagement that fuel growth.

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