Conditions, payment, and cancellation.

When you register in writing via the Inge Rock site, you will be referred to the KEAP order forms or to complete your purchase.

You can cancel your registration in writing by registered mail within 14 calendar days after the order date. In case of cancellation within 14 calendar days, a cancellation fee of 3.5% of the invoice amount will be automatically deducted.

If you cancel your registration and reservation to participate in the seminar and/or workshop less than one month before the date on which the seminar and/or workshop take place, you will not be entitled to a refund of the invoice.

In case you cancel more than one month before the date on which the seminar and/or the workshop takes place, you will get 50% of the paid reservation cost back. As soon as you register, even if you have not yet paid the invoice, you reserve a place that cannot be used for someone else. In the event of non-payment of the invoice and possible cancellation, the conditions as set out above apply.

If for whatever reason, Inge Rock has to cancel a seminar and/or workshop, the registration fee will be refunded upon the first request of the registration, or if the registration prefers to use the registration fee to confirm participation in a later seminar and/or workshop. If a seminar and/or workshop are canceled late and due to the error of Inge Rock, the subscriber is entitled to a refund of the registration fee, the amount increased by the interest on arrears at a rate of 10% per year until the date of actual repayment.

When a complete payment is done (or at least one part) we will grant you access to Inge Rock Academy. The member recognizes the agenda. Rockon BV has the right at all times to change the content as the set dates and times of the training. We keep the right to change the teachers if we find it necessary.

The quality of the program will be guaranteed. The member recognizes that all content, access codes, and all materials can be used only for the purpose of the training and can not be shared with third parties except with written permission from Rockon BV. If these rights are violated, access to content will be denied without any form of refund possible.
The pay in full bonus must be consumed in the first calendar year of your membership and, it can not be transferred to third partners or any other program or form of discount.
For the purchases under €10, we do not issue an invoice; instead, you will receive the payment receipt.