The Club for Self Coaching


Learn to coach yourself and change your life forever

Those who can coach themselves, on the one hand, have the key to self-liberation in their hands and, on the other hand, always know how to realize their own dreams.

People who can coach themselves are people with heightened consciousness.

About the Program

The Club for Self-Coaching is a training program for individuals who want to turn their lives into a masterpiece. It is an intense course that not only provides knowledge and insights, but also puts you in the experience so that you can apply the insights immediately.

This is for people who want to work on themselves and learn a method that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. In the Club, you learn to coach yourself.
This is a combination of online training modules, live support webinars, live online self-coaching practice and live training days.

Who is The Club for?

For any person who wants to develop themselves and learn to coach themselves.

You are someone who is hungry for knowledge and bitten by the world of personal growth and development.

You have a dream and you are determined to turn it into reality.

You would like to learn to coach yourself, because then, you realize that you will never need a coach again.

Those who can coach themselves have the key to self-liberation in their hands. Whatever life offers you, you know how to master any challenge if you can coach yourself.

Who are you becoming thanks to the Club?

  • You get to know yourself much better, in ways you are not aware of
  • You have clarity in your way of thinking, your emotions and your feelings
  • You can make decisions easily
  • You can change your own behavior and habits
  • You increase your awareness, your self-confidence, your self-esteem and your self-respect
  • You lower your stress by 80%
  • You know exactly what you want and you have the vision
  • You can handle any obstacle and any problem
  • You'll be sweeter and happier
  • You can communicate better and more calmly
  • You become much more creative
  • You create positive results
  • You know how to turn your dreams into reality
  • You will be part of a beautiful, positive community of like-minded people
  • You can motivate yourself and you have tons of decisiveness
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The Inge Rock Self-Coaching Method

The Inge Rock Self-Coaching method has been tested thousands of times with proven results.

The model offers you the opportunity to coach yourself, through the angle needed:

  • Changing and adjusting your thoughts
  • Understanding and changing your emotions and feelings
  • Making the right decisions
  • Changing your habits and behavior
  • Evaluate and improve your results
  • Evaluating your experiences appropriately as feedback

The Inge Rock Self-Coaching model gives you the daily mental strength you need.

Program Contents

Inge Rock philosophy

Study Inge's leadership regarding mindset and personal growth through the online student platform.

Teaching webinars

You enjoy teaching calls on mindset, business, happiness, change and energy management.

The Inge Rock self-coaching method

For 3 months, you will first learn to coach yourself in a small online live class.

Five personal power coaching sessions

You are entitled to 5 online personal coaching sessions with a mind expert from the Inge Rock team.

The coaching retreat

You will participate in the three-day online live coaching retreat, twice a year.

The Club nights

You will participate in Club Nights twice a year: evenings full of inspiration and fun.

How does this work, practically?

We will guide you through various systems.

The online training is available 24/7. Thanks to the teachings on the student platform, you can go through the course step by step. All teaching content is continuously available and you can view the content as many times as you like.

When and how can you start?

You can start right away. There is no particular entry date. You start when you are ready. Through an intake meeting with a program coordinator, we ensure that we can get you started in the best possible way. Let's see together what the Club can do for you.
This is for people who want to take control, rather than depend on the world we live in. If you recognize yourself in this, then we would love to speak with you and go over your options.

If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to contact us at After all, we want you to feel good about this decision.

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Everything you need in one program

The Club offers you everything you need to succeed on your own.

Want to strengthen your own mindset? You got it!

Want to learn to coach yourself so you never get stuck in life again? You got it!

Do you want to develop more self-confidence? You got it!

Do you want to be able to control your life and be free? You got it!

Do you want to continue to grow and achieve your goals in the coming year? You got it!

"Everything we want is already inside of us. Since I joined the Inge Rock Academy, my life has changed drastically in the positive sense. I have learned to live and love my authentic ME. Every day, I am so grateful for everything I learn about the thought process and as a result, also about my real self. What makes it so special for me is that my transformation is possible thanks to the genuinely warm and loving support of all the people at the Academy. This is how I dared to show and be my true self: this is how I live fully. Every single day."

– Tiziana Romagnoli

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"The trainings with Inge Rock were quite an eye opener for me and professionally delivered, Thanks to the small groups in which you received training, they were very personal and with confidentiality. It was every time a pleasure to come to the training sessions and get to know so many positive people. Inge Rock has the right specialists in each specific area so you can be helped directly with your challenges at that time."

– Ellen Tournois