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The program that brings you the mindset and quality of life you crave

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The program that brings you the mindset and quality of life you crave

The Life Code is the nonstop and most complete program of the Inge Rock Academy. In

The Life Code you get to know yourself, learn to chase your dreams and develop the most beautiful life attitude, thanks to the application of this much desired life code.

Whoever knows the code holds the key to self-realization.

The Life Code is the most complete program, created especially for people who

  • want to know exactly what they want
  • are looking for lasting transformation
  • want to clarify their vision and dreams
  • want to build self-confidence
  • want to develop emotional awareness
  • want to develop decisiveness
  • want to achieve great results and goals
  • want to be more positive in life
  • want to experience less stress
  • want to make the right decisions
  • want insight into their own behavior, feelings and emotions
  • want to learn to coach themselves to new results or through critical decisions
  • want to build loving and constructive relationships with themselves and others
  • want to develop resilience in the face of adversity
  • want to grow beyond challenging circumstances
  • etc.

Join The Life Code and receive ALL the tools and insights you need to create the life you dream of. It doesn't matter how big or how small your dreams are.

Are you ready for transformation?

The Life Code includes:

  • Inge's life's work: teachings of 15 years, bundled in one program with workshops, masterminds, event recordings and teaching recordings
  • Targeted book studies with Inge's books
  • Learning to coach yourself through Inge's unique self coaching method
  • Live events where members meet, learn, evolve and have fun together

The tools you learn and apply here will change your life. 

How does The Life Code work?

It is a very simple concept:

  • You can start right away
  • Every month you will receive a new part of The Life Code, including all teachings live and online, all classes, the book club... and you will receive a digital workbook every month.
  • On your student platform you will also get a nice structured overview of program.
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