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The Life Code - Inge's life's work in one program

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Inge's life's work in one program

Do you have a dream, a goal you want to achieve? Or a quality of life you long for? Great!
Have you been moving toward that dream life in the last year?
If you are not completely satisfied with the answer to this question, The Life Code is really for you.

The Life Code is the most complete program, created especially for people who

  • want to know exactly what they want
  • want to make their vision and dreams clear
  • want to build up self-confidence
  • want to leave their comfort zones and develop decisiveness
  • want to achieve great results and goals
  • want to be more positive in life
  • want to experience less stress
  • want to learn to coach themselves
  • want to build loving and constructive relationships with themselves and others
  • want to be able to communicate more easily
  • want to develop resilience in the face of adversity
  • want to grow beyond challenging circumstances
  • etc.

Join The Life Code and receive ALL the tools and insights you need to create the life you dream of. It doesn't matter how big or how small your dreams are.

Are you ready for transformation?

The Life Code includes:

  • Inge's life's work: teachings of 15 years worth tens of thousands of euros, bundled in one program including workshops, masterminds, events recordings, teaching recordings, all individual programs recordings (too many to mention separately)
  • live online classes with small groups of up to 4 people
  • group and private coaching sessions (Two individual coaching sessions per month. If you take a coach today you already pay more than €297 for the two sessions)
  • Targeted book studies with books by Inge
  • Learning from the old masters (old personal development masterpieces translated to current times and given by Inge herself)
  • Learning to coach yourself through Inge's unique self-coaching model
  • constant chat support
  • live events where members meet, learn together, evolve together, and have fun
  • ​ a secure, closed community for participants (separate from current social media platforms)

The tools you learn and apply here will change your life. There is no other way to do it.

How does The Life Code work?

It is a very simple concept:

  • You can start immediately
  • You pay € 297.00 incl. VAT per month, as long as you want to
  • Each month you will receive a new part of The Life Code, including all teachings live and online, all classes, the book club, the coachings... and a workbook will be sent to you each month.
  • On your student platform, you will also get a nicely structured overview of the program. PS: think of the Disney channel, Netflix, or Prime for example. 😉

Can you stop The Life Code at any time?

Yes indeed, even after the first month. You can cancel without speaking to anyone... transformation is not an event, it is a process. Results change by following and respecting the process.

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