4 Reasons to Get an Online Life Coach Certification

Silhouette of a girl putting two thumbs up in the air

Are you craving more purpose in life? Are you looking for a career that allows you to utilize your people skills and help others achieve personal growth? Life coaching is a path to consider; an opportunity to help others find greater fulfillment in their lives while enriching your own along the way.  By enrolling in…

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5 Unique Types of Life Coaches

Business life coach helping a team

Are you interested in helping others find a deeper meaning in life? Do you want to assist a businessman through the difficulties of his everyday agenda? Do you want to guide a young couple in managing their finances to ensure a bright and stable future?  A career as a life coach can enable you to…

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Life Coach Certification Requirements: Do You Need a Degree?

Two young women in a life coaching session

If you’re interested in helping others navigate the complexities of life and find greater meaning in their everyday routine, becoming a life coach is a great career path to consider. By utilizing active listening, maintaining a positive attitude, and asking the right questions, you can help your clients live the lives they’ve always wanted.  But…

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