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5 Unique Types of Life Coaches

Are you interested in helping others find a deeper meaning in life?

Do you want to assist a businessman through the difficulties of his everyday agenda? Do you want to guide a young couple in managing their finances to ensure a bright and stable future? 

A career as a life coach can enable you to help clients through a variety of complexities of life, taking a deep dive into their problems or assessing their journey to avoid potential issues. 

Overall, “life coaching” is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of specialists and expertise. There are various types of life coaches based on niches that cater specifically to different circumstances. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of life coaching to consider.

What Types of Life Coaches Are There? 

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Whether you’re ready to become a life coach or you’re just assessing this career choice to determine its potential, it’s important to get an idea of the different types of life coaching before making your next move. 

To better understand your options, here are some of the more common life coach types:

1. Business Coach

A business coach is responsible for helping employees and businesses navigate the complexities involving their work, pushing them to their full potential and enabling them to tackle each issue gracefully. 

Business coaches are equipped to help these individuals assess their current agendas and understand where there’s room for improvement in regard to business development, management, and organization. 

Ideally, to become a business coach, you should have a high-level understanding of most industries and showcase confidence and critical thinking. 

2. Financial Coach

Someone who needs help assessing their money habits and mindset related to finances would seek assistance from a financial coach. In this niche, you would teach your clients the overarching value of money, as well as how to set goals and accomplish them. 

Your goal as a financial life coach should be to help your clients achieve financial freedom. By creating budgets, navigating debts, and finding ways to set aside money for future use, you can help your clients form a healthier relationship with money. With the right amount of guidance, you may be able to change your clients’ mindset entirely and enable them to save for retirement and feel set for life. 

3. Health Coach

Exercise, self-care, and healthy eating are three of the most critical principles of living a happy and fulfilling life. Many people forget to acknowledge the importance of taking care of themselves, which can lead them to need assistance from a health coach.

As a health coach, you would remind clients of the necessity of seeing the big picture in regard to their health and overall wellbeing. Getting to know each of your clients and their individual lifestyles, you can help them let go of unhealthy habits and pick up good ones, as well as set goals, stay motivated to make a change. 

4. Relationship Coach

Relationship coaching isn’t just for someone who’s having a hard time finding the love of their life. Relationships involve more than just love interests – they’re about forming friendships with acquaintances, creating strong bonds with family members, and developing invaluable people skills to develop general connections with other people.

As a relationship coach, you may work with a variety of different clients. Perhaps it’s the single man who’s spent most of his life alone. Or, it’s the married couple who’s having a hard time navigating their relationship after having children. You may even work with a woman who wants to let bygones be bygones and reform a strong connection with her mother. 

As a relationship coach, you would use empathy and problem solving to guide clients through their relationship issues through improved communication skills and enhanced confidence.   

5. Personal Development

Have you ever met someone who wants to make moves in life but isn’t sure where to get started? 

A personal development coach would guide this person to set attainable goals and create an actionable plan to get there. Using both psychological and behavioral insights, you would make specific recommendations to each client based on what they want to achieve in life. 

As a personal development coach, you may work with clients who want to achieve one specific project in the near future or clients who need assistance reaching milestones throughout their lifetime. 

A personal development coach is closely related to a general life coach, which may be the route for you if you’re less focused on a niche and more focused on helping your clients navigate a variety of challenges. 

Get Your Life Coaching Certification with Inge Rock

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No matter what type of life coaching you want to pursue, Inge Rock can guide you to become a top certified coach and teacher for your clients. 

The key to being a successful life coach is practicing what you preach; creating a mindful road map to your personal growth will help you guide others to do the same. 

The Inge Rock Academy uses transformational methods through online and live training to be the most effective life coach you can be. Using a practical focus, the Inge Rock coaching faculties are designed to help you understand and internalize the information, but also contemplate and experience it for yourself. 

These faculties include:

  1. The Life Code – Personal Development
  2. The Life Coach Certification Program
  3. The Circle of Mind Experts

Participants are not required to complete all faculties but can benefit widely from each option. 

With more training comes greater knowledge and with Inge Rock – you’ll learn how to break down complex issues into small, manageable steps that can be easily applied and accomplished over time. This will ultimately create lasting change for your clients and turn you into a trustworthy life coach.

Interested in becoming a life coach? Learn more about Inge Rock by contacting us today.