How to Become a Certified Life Coach

Coaching and mentoring concept chart

If you’re passionate about helping others and you’re interested in following a new career path, you may consider getting your life coach certification. Between starting your own business, striving for better life outcomes, and encouraging others to take a more positive approach each day, there are so many reasons to learn more about how to…

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What is a life coach?

Clients in a circle applauding coach

Do you have an undeniable desire to help others navigate the complexities of life? Would you consider yourself a strategic person when it comes to handling unanticipated issues? Do you have a clear focus on the next steps you should take down the path of your life, and how you can help others do the…

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What to Look For in a Life Coach: Best Qualities

Young confident girl smiling in mirror

Whether you’re new to the world of life coaching or experienced in the industry and want to work on self-improvement, knowing what people look for in a life coach is very important. There are many different skills and qualities of a good coach to consider. A professional life coach has proper training and certification around…

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7 scientific hacks to build more self confidence

7 Scientific hacks to build self-confidence | Inge Rock

Can I ask you a question? If you had 100% self-confidence, neither doubt nor an ounce of fear as to whether or not you would succeed, what would you do? I think you should write that down.   Self-confidence is freedom. Freedom to live your life to the fullest. Confident people aren’t people who are…

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