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What to Look For in a Life Coach: Best Qualities

Whether you’re new to the world of life coaching or experienced in the industry and want to work on self-improvement, knowing what people look for in a life coach is very important. There are many different skills and qualities of a good coach to consider. A professional life coach has proper training and certification around the career path, but it’s so much more than that. The ability to connect with clients and spark chemistry comes from not only having a desire to help others, but having a strong set of qualities and traits that can give truth to the passion. 

Here are 10 of the best qualities of a coach that can help you transform your career, make better connections than ever before, and lead a lasting transformation:

Young confident girl smiling in mirror

1. Authenticity

According to a blog written by The Angry Therapist, the most important thing to look for in a life coach is authenticity. Prospective clients want to work with someone who they feel comfortable with and can trust. Someone who is genuine and makes life decisions with reason and pure intentions. Authenticity adds to your credibility and can make it easier for clients to open up to you when you’re showing your true self. 

2. Confidence

Just like authenticity, confidence is a great quality of a good coach and will show your clients that making moves in life is always worth the risk. Being a confident coach means laying out a game plan for your clients, explaining to them exactly how and why it will work, and putting their needs before your own. You want your confidence to rub off on them so they can start making bold, positive and satisfying decisions.

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3. Strong listening skills

Life coaching is often compared to counseling or therapy, but these career paths are not the same. The similarity in these roles, however, is the necessity of active listening. When a potential client is thinking about what to look for when hiring a life coach, they want to feel confident that you can understand their situation and give it the full attention it deserves without judgement. From there, they can help you  approach your situation  with a different perspective. 

4. Inquisitive

Finding a good listener is one of the most important considerations for clients when deciding  what to look for when hiring a life coach.  But showing your ability to absorb and digest information and ask questions in return is just as critical. 

5. Passionate

Life coaching should never be looked at as a job. While it's certainly a career choice, it’s more a lifestyle than anything. If you’re not passionate about the work you’re doing as a life coach, then you’re in the wrong industry. You should be devoted to your craft and enthusiastic about helping others. Without the passion to help clients write a better life story, your desire for life coaching will dwindle. 

6. Honest

They say honesty is the best policy, and this is undeniable in the world of life coaching. Honesty is one of the key qualities of a good coach, meaning you need to be a straight shooter when it comes to providing an opinion or advice to a client in need. You need to be able to tell it like it is in a professional manner, while still creating a safe space.

7. Adaptable

One of the most important qualities of a good coach is adaptability. As a life coach, you will meet many different types of people, all who have different needs, learning styles, communication skills and goals. The ability to adapt to all different situations allows you to effectively provide solutions that work toward a variety of goals. 

8. Goal-Oriented

Strategy means everything when it comes to life coaching. Of course, forming relationships and helping clients get comfortable with you is critical, but your mind needs to be focused on the end goal at all times. You should be constantly helping clients identify goals and executing plans to ensure it leads to a more fulfilling life.  

9. Encouraging

For some, the confidence to see full potential in oneself can be difficult to do without the right mindset. When a client thinks about what to look for in a life coach, they want someone who should be able to see the full potential in everyone and encourage them to unlock feelings of self doubt. 

How to Become a Life Coach

Do most - or all - of these qualities describe you? Or, do you want to learn more about what clients expect besides qualities of a good coach? If the answer is yes, it’s time to consider the opportunity to become a life coach. The Inge Rock Academy specializes in transformational methods of life coaching so you can gain valuable insight in a program with a practical focus. By the end of this program, you will have a better understanding of yourself so you become better equipped to help and coach others. 

Interested in learning more about becoming a life coach? Contact us directly to find out how Inge Rock can help you today.



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