9 hacks to achieve your goals by the end of 2023


Many pushed their 2022 goals into 2023 or let go of them completely-after all, it wasn’t working anyway. Woah, you really don’t want to be…

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Silhouette of a girl putting two thumbs up in the air

4 Reasons to Get an Online Life Coach Certification


Are you craving more purpose in life? Are you looking for a career that allows you to utilize your people skills and help others achieve…

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Business life coach helping a team

5 Unique Types of Life Coaches


Are you interested in helping others find a deeper meaning in life? Do you want to assist a businessman through the difficulties of his everyday…

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Two young women in a life coaching session

Life Coach Certification Requirements: Do You Need a Degree?


If you’re interested in helping others navigate the complexities of life and find greater meaning in their everyday routine, becoming a life coach is a…

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Older man smiling and speaking into a podcast microphone

How to Find Life Coaching Clients: 9 Steps to Attract Clients


Starting as a life coach is an opportunity to help others while accomplishing your own goals and life purpose. But creating your business plan and…

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Female life coach assisting a female client in a meeting

Benefits of Life Coaching: 7 Reasons to Become a Life Coach


Some would say that a career as a life coach comes naturally. Someone who is empathetic, patient, organizational, and encouraging can fit perfectly into the…

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Life coaching client reading through a resource on the computer

How to Build Your Life Coaching Toolbox: Strategies and Resources


Much like every other career path, life coaching takes time, dedication and continued education to hone your skills and ensure you’re providing high-quality, relevant assistance…

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Man and woman discussing life coaching business

Why You Need a Life Coaching Business Plan


Whether you’ve been life coaching for years or you’ve recently begun your journey down this career path, having a solid life coaching business plan in…

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Woman speaking in front of life coaching group

What is a Personal Life Coach? Everything You Need to Know


If you’re interested in pursuing a career path that allows you to help others and gain self-fulfillment along the way, life coaching is a great…

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Aerial view of businessman standing on a starting line

How to Start a Successful Life Coaching Business


Starting your own business can feel like an overwhelming adventure, but when the end result is helping others, all of the work put into the…

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