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How to Build Your Life Coaching Toolbox: Strategies and Resources

Much like every other career path, life coaching takes time, dedication and continued education to hone your skills and ensure you’re providing high-quality, relevant assistance for your clients. Hands-on experience will pave the way for your growth, but there are various other strategies and resources available to improve your skill set over time and encourage professional growth. 

No matter where you are along your life coaching journey, having a life coaching toolbox of strategies and resources will benefit you throughout your career. Read on to learn how to become the best version of a life coach.

What Are the Best Coaching Techniques and Exercises?

Whether you’re a tenured life coach or you’re just starting your career, there are a variety of coaching techniques and exercises you can learn from to better position yourself as a supportive life coach. Some techniques we recommend include:

  • Guided imagery and goal visualization: Guided meditations can help your clients clear their minds and determine their intentions as they make moves to become the best versions of themselves. This is a great opportunity for you as the coach to encourage your clients to try goal-directed behavior moving forward. 
  • Mindfulness exercises: Putting mind over matter is a common practice that can have a major impact on your life coaching clients. This is another opportunity for them to channel their focus so they are better able to deal with day-to-day challenges. It is a chance to take things day by day instead of focusing all efforts toward a big-picture goal. 
  • Gratitude activities: Many of your clients are attempting to work through negative thought patterns. Teaching them gratitude expressions – whether through journaling, writing letters or self discussion – can be a great way to overcome constant negativity.  

Life Coaching Tools You Need to Succeed

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Searching for new resources for life coaches? In need of tools to share with your clients? Below are a variety of resources we recommend adding to your life coaching toolbox:

Social Wellness Toolkit by the National Institute of Health

Self-improvement is likely one of the most critical priorities for your life coaching clients, but teaching them the importance of social wellness and how it plays a part in their own personal development is key. The Social Wellness Toolkit teaches how to interact with others, express yourself and form connections and relationships in the community. This resource provides six strategies for improving social health and includes checklists on how to improve in each area. These cards are printer-friendly, so you can provide them directly to your clients during a session.

SMART Recovery Toolbox

If you’re a coach who’s focused on helping your clients overcome addiction and navigate the world of recovery, the SMART Recovery Toolbox is a great resource. It provides various methods of recovery, worksheets and exercises designed to help with addiction management. This robust toolbox is designed to hone in on cognitive thinking skills – think mind over mind – to help clients face recovery from a place of positivity. There’s even a family and friends toolbox that can be passed along to your clients’ family members. 

Carrie Wrigley: Your Happiness Toolkit Workbook

This comprehensive guidebook by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW, can be a useful resource to share with your clients who are struggling with depression recovery and prevention. The book is a user-friendly manual that provides 16 different coping strategies to improve emotional well-being and increase happiness. It includes self-assessments, charts and chapter summaries to make the book useful and efficient. The workbook is available as an eBook and in print form, so you can share the physical copy with your clients or hand off the eBook link for digital viewing. 

Inge Rock Academy

Gaining your life coaching certification from Inge Rock Academy gives you an opportunity to become a trustworthy life coach and continue your education in the industry. Beyond the tools and resources you can utilize for your own personal growth, you can also share meditations and books with your clients to assist in their self-growth. Inge Rock’s “You Become What You Think” is an excellent resource for spearheading positivity in your clients and how the path to happiness relies on positive thinking. 

Ready to add Inge Rock to your life coaching toolbox? Contact us today to learn more.  



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