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Benefits of Life Coaching: 7 Reasons to Become a Life Coach

Some would say that a career as a life coach comes naturally. Someone who is empathetic, patient, organizational, and encouraging can fit perfectly into the position that’s designed to help others navigate through the complexities of life. 

“I partner with clients to help them realize their potential,” life coach Catherine Wood shared with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “We compare where they are with where they want to be, and we focus on bridging that gap.”

Becoming a life coach is all about getting to know your clients and understanding what moves need to take place for them to reach their goals and meet their needs toward life fulfillment. 

If you’re wondering “Should I become a life coach?” and the following advantages meet your career desires, this may be the next best step in your professional journey.

Here are some of the benefits of coaching and mentoring:

1. Serve Your Life’s Purpose

Life coaching is a very rewarding career path. If you’re craving a more meaningful existence and an opportunity to contribute to society in a positive way while working, life coaching may be the perfect opportunity to do so. Using your own skills and desires to help others along the path to a more fulfilling life can offer feelings of accomplishment and achievement in soul-searching. If you find that your current job isn’t satisfying and you’re just going through the motions on a day-to-day basis, life coaching is worth the exploration. 

2. Help Others 

One of the most evident benefits of life coaching is helping others. If people tend to come to you for advice in navigating their problems, a life coaching career may be a natural fit. Becoming a life coach means that you will professionally lead a sea of individuals who need assistance navigating personal struggles of all sorts. You get to show clients a different perspective in hopes of helping them become the best version of themselves. 

3. Perfect Your Leadership Skills

Do you find yourself struggling to speak in front of people even when you have so much to say? Do you often want to take the lead in personal and professional situations but have limited opportunities to do so? Becoming a life coach gives you the opportunity to grow and perfect your leadership abilities like never before. Clients are relying on you to help them take charge of their lives, and honing on your leadership skills will make you a more effective and efficient life coach. 

4. Be Your Own Boss 

Once you gain your life coaching certification, you get to start your own business and become your own boss. This can be one of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a successful life coach. As long as you put in the dedication, time and effort, you can have the freedom to play by your own rules and make money along the way. Of course, if entrepreneurship isn’t in your career plan, you can work for an established company and still enjoy the fulfillment of life coaching.  

5. Work From Wherever, Whenever

Life coaching comes with a lot of freedom, especially if you decide to take the entrepreneurial path and be your own boss. One of the best benefits of life coaching is being able to work in any area of the country. So, if you have plans to move before starting your career, you can build your business from the ground up. Plus, you can craft a schedule for your clients that works for you, giving you the flexibility to take time off when needed. 

6. Make a Respectable Living Wage

As with any new career path, whether you’re starting at a new company or you decided to start your own business, your pay may be hard to determine from the start. However, there’s an opportunity to make a liveable wage as a life coach. According to the Global Coaching Study by the International Coaching Federation, life coaches in North America make an average salary of $62,500. Since the median household income in the U.S. was $67,521 in 2020, this wage point can be considerable as a single individual’s earnings. 

7. Gain New Inspiration

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As a life coach, forming special bonds and relationships with your clients is an important part of the career. This offers an opportunity for gaining new inspiration and motivation to keep doing what you do best. While it’s your job to inspire your clients to make life transformations, you can feel the-second hand success and fulfillment in getting them there. 

Are you meant to be a life coach? Are you ready to take the next step toward a more fulfilling career? Inge Rock can help you meet the educational requirements to become a life coach.

Our Life Coach Certification Program provides you with all of the tools you need to develop yourself as a life coach so that you can properly service others. In this certification program, you’ll gain knowledge in mindset methods, coaching principles, building your own practice and understanding the Inge Rock Coaching method. 

Inge Rock Academy is a more comprehensive offering that involves three other faculties beyond the certification program. The Club for Self-Coaching and Total Transformation are useful resources that can teach you the ins and outs of this career path and set you up for success in gaining your certification. Once you get into the Circle of Mind Experts, you’ll evolve from a coach to a mind expert and gain confidence that you can build a successful and effective life coaching business. 

Are you ready to explore the day in the life of a life coach? Contact us today to enroll or learn more about our programs. 



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