4 Reasons to Get an Online Life Coach Certification

Silhouette of a girl putting two thumbs up in the air

Are you craving more purpose in life? Are you looking for a career that allows you to utilize your people skills and help others achieve personal growth? Life coaching is a path to consider; an opportunity to help others find greater fulfillment in their lives while enriching your own along the way.  By enrolling in…

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5 Unique Types of Life Coaches

Business life coach helping a team

Are you interested in helping others find a deeper meaning in life? Do you want to assist a businessman through the difficulties of his everyday agenda? Do you want to guide a young couple in managing their finances to ensure a bright and stable future?  A career as a life coach can enable you to…

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Life Coach Certification Requirements: Do You Need a Degree?

Two young women in a life coaching session

If you’re interested in helping others navigate the complexities of life and find greater meaning in their everyday routine, becoming a life coach is a great career path to consider. By utilizing active listening, maintaining a positive attitude, and asking the right questions, you can help your clients live the lives they’ve always wanted.  But…

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How to Find Life Coaching Clients: 9 Steps to Attract Clients

Older man smiling and speaking into a podcast microphone

Starting as a life coach is an opportunity to help others while accomplishing your own goals and life purpose. But creating your business plan and setting expectations for yourself are only the first steps. Attracting and retaining clients will give you the credibility and monetary value to run and maintain a successful business. In a…

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Benefits of Life Coaching: 7 Reasons to Become a Life Coach

Female life coach assisting a female client in a meeting

Some would say that a career as a life coach comes naturally. Someone who is empathetic, patient, organizational, and encouraging can fit perfectly into the position that’s designed to help others navigate through the complexities of life.  “I partner with clients to help them realize their potential,” life coach Catherine Wood shared with the Bureau…

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How to Build Your Life Coaching Toolbox: Strategies and Resources

Life coaching client reading through a resource on the computer

Much like every other career path, life coaching takes time, dedication and continued education to hone your skills and ensure you’re providing high-quality, relevant assistance for your clients. Hands-on experience will pave the way for your growth, but there are various other strategies and resources available to improve your skill set over time and encourage…

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What is a Personal Life Coach? Everything You Need to Know

Woman speaking in front of life coaching group

If you’re interested in pursuing a career path that allows you to help others and gain self-fulfillment along the way, life coaching is a great route to consider. There are a variety of different life coaching types to choose from, such as: Career coaching Business coaching Divorce coaching Family coaching Financial coaching Personal life coaching…

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How to Start a Successful Life Coaching Business

Aerial view of businessman standing on a starting line

Starting your own business can feel like an overwhelming adventure, but when the end result is helping others, all of the work put into the planning becomes completely worth it. While starting a life coaching business takes a good amount of time, research and dedication to set the foundation, it can be a rewarding experience…

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